Thanksgiving Thursday

I love seeing light at the end of a tunnel. A real tunnel, real light. Every time I see daylight as I near the exit of a tunnel, it reminds me that no dark time lasts forever, and though the darkness may last for the night, joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5).

But to see the sun, you have to move through the tunnel, and to find joy you have to believe. “Belief is a verb, something that you do…the very real, everyday action of trusting,” Ann Voskamp says, “I can’t fill with joy until I learn how to trust…Anything less than gratitude and trust is practical atheism. Perhaps the opposite of faith is not doubt. Perhaps the opposite of faith is fear.”

Eucharisteo – thanksgiving – always precedes the miracle”, and I have found this to be true this week. Miracles have happened, prayers have been answered, and blessings have been plentiful.

My Thanksgiving List 8/23/12

13. Peanut’s bath time 

16. Pruned baby toes


19. Rainstorms on a summer evening 

28. Seeing – really seeing – peace melt over a friend in a situation of turmoil 

40. Getting it all done – ON TIME! 

45. My sweet husband coming home during his work day to watch our baby so I can keep an appointment 

25. Thick, meaty portobello mushrooms sandwiching salmon burgers, onion, and tomatoes


37. The grand beauty of the Rocky Mountains


83. Small, yellow wildflowers growing along a county road 

84. Setting up a tent in the rain, BEFORE the real rain hit! 

86. Hazelnut Ale 

87. Steaks grilled over a campfire 

91. A catalytic heater 

92. Falling in love again – with my husband 

93. Camp coffee 

89. No injuries and no breakages on a trail run 

94. Pueblo green chile sloppers and beer 

82. A sweet baby boy born to sweet friends