Thanksgiving Thursday


               My Thanksgiving List 11/1/12


457. Paying bills (Yes, really!)


462. Long walks on warm fall days


413. My kitty’s purr


404. A good night’s sleep


440. The first snow of the season!


444. Our first kiss, exchanged for a popcan tab 😉


447. Stacks of wood lovingly prepared for our little wood stove


449. Cooking shows on Create


454. Skot’s homemade hushpuppies


465. Purchasing the first Christmas gift for a special person


460, 461. Jehovah Tsidkenu, the Lord our Righteousness…He makes us holy from the inside out, and when He begins a good work, He will carry it on to completion! 

                                                                       Photo Credit


Happy November! Please tell me, what gifts have you unwrapped this week?