Thanksgiving Thursday

Beginning my journey as a “hunter of beauty” has, more than ever before, opened my eyes to the joy and blessing that surrounds me daily. But there are two sides to every coin, and where my eyes have been opened to pleasure, I have also seen pain. At times, this exercise in giving thanks and unwrapping joy has proved to be a medicinal sacrifice of praise (Proverbs 17:22; Heb 13:15).

This past week, my world has been filled with uncertainty, confusion, and questions, and the unknown has loomed large. Jobs have seemed uncertain, hard decisions have needed to be made, solemn words were broken, hearts got hurt, and the choice to trust has been difficult.

I have looked hard for my joy-gifts this week, but with seeking, I have found what I was looking for. I have sought to not only discover and unwrap the gifts, but to trust the Giver and experience life fully, right where I am. I have felt the love, joy, and peace that is present in every situation where a heart chooses to trust.

Count blessings and see Who can be counted on…Trust is a bridge from yesterday to tomorrow, built with planks of thanks. Remembering frames up gratitude. Gratitude lays out planks of trust. I can walk the planks – from known to unknown – and know: He holds…Can God be counted on? Count blessings and find out how many of His bridges have already held.” ~ One Thousand Gifts

My Thanksgiving List, 8/16/12

48. Forgiveness and healing 

49. My daughter loves books (joy for a bookworm-mama’s soul!)

51. Rolling a ball on the sidewalk with Shelby 

53. God’s discipline, because it means he loves me (Heb. 12:6) 

54. The beginning of football pre-season! 

55. Our National Anthem 

56. Homemade Mojitos 

59. Early morning snuggles with my husband 

60. My magic Mary Poppins bag







62. Front porch time till 1 AM with my best friend 

63. The hot dog stand at Lowes 

66. Funniest Home Videos re-runs 🙂

67. Paul Ryan 

69. Bittersweet moments when selling baby items on Craigslist 

71. An email from an accountability partner that spoke the truth in love

79. Our front porch haven 

72. A Turtle Pecan Blizzard, hand delivered by a handsome hottie 

76. A good camera 

77. The faithful wounds of a trusted friend (Prov. 27:6) 

78. That God speaks directly to my heart through his Word (Lam.3:20-26)


Please tell me, what gifts have you unwrapped this week?