Hello World!

Yesterday was a rather common day in that I had just a few thoughts swirling through my mind…the overwhelming, redeeming love and power of my God, how desperately I need to find a place that sells Liquid Life, the sheer joy of making love to my husband, how I fight the temptation to shave the dog thus eliminating the need to sweep my floors as often, that I would love to repaint and redecorate our bedroom, that I simply must wash the leather couch that catches smoke dust from the wood stove, the immense pleasure of sipping red wine.

I suddenly became aware that my husband was staring at me. “Your mind does not shut off does it”? he asked, mystified. He mentions this to me a lot. The truth is my mind simply does not seem to entertain that luxury. So after the thousandth time of this being brought to my attention, I have decided to embrace my mind’s inability to have a “nothing” box and to blog about its contents!

I have never been a journal keeper, mainly I believe, because it is a rare time that I keep my thoughts, feelings, or opinions to myself! 🙂 But I have a secret crush on the written word and blogging seems to give millions of people the opportunity to express themselves, so, therefore, my unending thoughts on theology, politics, marriage, family, home, travel, and much, much more are happy to find a new home in the blog’s of “Philosophies of Strawberry Short Cake”! Stay tuned for more!!