Veggie Tales Truth

If you’re a parent – and even if you’re not – no doubt you’ve heard of Veggie Tales. Just in case you’ve been camping out in a cave for a while, Veggie Tales were created in 1993 to help kids discover how God made them special and unique, and how much He loves them. They work to equip children to do right in the sight of God, and help them understand key biblical principles.


My first introduction to the Veggie Tales gang was about five years before our baby girl came along. I was flipping channels and came across a seemingly distraught cucumber wrapped in a bath towel singing anxiously about the unknown location of his hair brush.

Larry's Hair Brush



But cucumbers don’t have hair anyway, so the tall green gourd was able to do without his hairbrush.

A few years have passed and now I’m Mama to a little blonde toddler who likes Veggie Tales. While rummaging through the $5 movie bin at Wal-Mart the other day, I found Veggie Tales: Sweetpea Beauty. I threw it in the cart and came home.

Later that evening we popped it in the player. One of the stories is the little known yet all-too-familiar fairytale of Snoodlerella, who receives an extreme makeover in record time and goes to the ball until midnight, when she goes back to her glasses and braces, uncontrollable hair and cumbersome graces.

I wasn’t particularly paying attention to the movie, until the King spoke to Snoodlerella. But what I heard was a Still, Small Voice speaking to me.

As Snoodlerella was lamenting her looks, a deep, comforting Voice spoke directly to her – and to me, and to every woman on the face of the planet: “I think you’re beautiful,” the King said. He reached out and took her seemingly disconnected white-gloved hand as it floated in the air and continued, “I treasure you deeply; you’re lovely, my child…there’s nothing about you I don’t truly love! It is true, every word that I say. Daughter, I am the King, and I made you that way! I delight in your beauty, you’re wonderfully made! I knew you before earth’s foundation was laid. You’re precious to Me, every hair on your head! Daughter, hear and believe!




My eyes welled up with tears that spilled onto my cheeks. The King of all creation – my Abba Father – knew me before the foundation of the world and chose me to be His! Hear and believe, ladies, we are cherished and captivating…He created us that way!

My daughter now brings me her “Pincess D” (Princess DVD) several times a day asking to watch it. I love for her to hear those words spoken to her, too, but she has to wait until family time to watch anything. And we often choose something other than Sweetpea Beauty. So I just tell her that her King asked me to give her a message: “You’re precious to Me, and I think you’re beautiful…I made you that way.



Thanksgiving Thursday:Unwrapping the Gifts

Rain in Colorado!


My daughter’s drawings


A bouncy horse for Peanut


Family time at Sonic


Please tell me, what gifts have you unwrapped this week?

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