Thanksgiving Thursday: Of Brother and Birthday Blessings

Saturday was my birthday. This year, I turned 34. I love birthdays, even if this one did officially enter me into my mid-thirties. There is one thing I no longer like about my birthday, though: it means my brother’s birthday is just one week away.


My only sibling, Ron, was three years older than me, but his birthday was one week after mine, and when we were little, he never could understand why my birthday was first if he was older. He died in a roll-over car accident four and a half years ago.


He would be 37 this year. I would like to tease him that, though I may be mid-thirties now, he will be late thirties. I would like to buy him a birthday card and draw in it the hand of the niece he never met. I would like to watch his gleeful, boyish face as we celebrated another year of his life. I would like to feel his strong embrace one more time.


I think it’s one of God’s tenderest blessings that, at these special times, we tend to only remember the sweet memories of a lost loved one. And I am blessed with many sweet memories. And I would have liked more. Happy birthday, big brother, I love you.





My Thanksgiving List 11/15/12



485. Sunlight streaming into my yellow kitchen


503. Sweet birthday wishes from so many friends


494. Waking up on the couch with my daughter fast asleep in my arms


502. Veterans who have fought for our freedom


512. A husband strong enough to do the hard stuff, and gentle enough to hate it


515. Watching Peanut burst into laughter and fling herself into her daddy’s arms when he walks through the door


516. A crackling fire, a humming computer, a raspy baritone sax, a sleeping child, and a blog post coming together


499. The thick, sweet crust and savory, stringy toppings on a Do Drop Inn pizza!


517. The adventure of growing up with and loving a fun, strong, charismatic, and spirited brother



Please tell me, what gifts have you unwrapped this week?