Thanksgiving Thursday

“Life is a furnace and the faithful live by the Shadrach-prayer of only 4 words: “Even if He doesn’t.” This world doesn’t have anything that can burn down the faith of a heart on fire for God.

Gratitude follows grace as thunder follows lightening.

God gives grace and ours is to give thanks and in the midst of full days, this is God’s unconditional demand: That we live thankful.”  Ann Voskamp

My Thanksgiving List 11/22/12

476. Toddler games for the Ipad

520. Stocking up on diapers, a full tank of gas, and a large bottle of rum

526. Growing closer and closer to my Mama

533. Writing tithe checks

538. Pain killers

539. A toddler that eats anything

540. Twenty years of holding hands with my boyfriend

541. A good Wal-Mart baby!

549. Celebrating the day that has begun to represent my life – Thanksgiving

Please tell me, on this Thanksgiving Day, what blessing have you unwrapped?

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