Thanksgiving Thursday, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Gifts

At our house, we have the world’s best screen saver: our photos. One by one they slip on to the screen, then off, making way for the next memory-packed snapshot. I love it.


But many of the pictures taken through the years could use a little sprucing up. Some never were rotated to their correct position, some need cropped, some need the lighting changed. So for the past two weeks (and counting) I have stolen spare moments to crop, tip, brighten, back-light, re-size, and rotate several year’s worth of digital photographs.


Many memories are bittersweet, bringing tears and half-smiles. Some are downright hilarious, bringing fits of laughter. All are precious. People I miss and animals I don’t, Christmas lights and fireworks, ships and trains, anniversaries and birthdays, dirty dishes and dirty faces, tight places and wide-open spaces, road trips and Jeep trips, Rocky mountains and Iowa farms, kids and sunsets, pain and joy and life and love.


I’ve snotted, snorted, giggled, sniffled, belly laughed, and bawled my way through abundant gifts given, and I’ve counted the ways the Giver loves me. “Give thanks to the LORD for He is good. His faithful love endures forever.” Psalm 136:1.


My Thanksgiving List 10/25/12

372. Flannel sheets and electric bed blankets

397. Toys that I love just as much as Peanut does!

392. Dancing with my daughter as she leads me in what seems to be a cross between the Cha Cha and Paso Doble

402. The first eggnog of the season

403. Seasonal candles

406. Honeycrisp apples

416. The warmth of our wood stove

420. New growth in old relationships

424. Though I know not what my future holds, I know Who holds my future

437. Toddlers in backward baseball caps and blue jeans

430. New week, new start, new possibilities

428. Husband-made Chick-Fil-A sandwich replicas and waffle fries on a Sunday

436. Restaurant ribbon cuttings that include free meals

434. The excitement of new possibilities

415. Jehovah Jireh, My Provider

                                                                      Photo Credit

Please tell me, what gifts have you unwrapped this week? Do you ever sit and look through old photographs?

One comment on “Thanksgiving Thursday, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Gifts

  1. jody says:

    77)The magnificence of the Human body 78) Camp Fires 79 )Shooting Stars 80) A full moon on a clear night 81)Clean sheets 82)Scentsy wax 83) Ice Cubes 84) A clean house with no ware to go 85) The sound of my pond fountain 86) Green grass and the smell of fresh cut grass 87) The cold of the river water on my feet 88) The sound of a babbling brook or rushing river water 89) A home that is mine 90) Fields of wheat, alfalfa, sunflowers 91) Sunsets and sunrises both of which are my favorite times of the day 92)The laughter of a child 93) Watching Eagles soar 94) Listening to Loons sing 95) Seasonal candles 96) A friend that loves me no matter how rediclous or girl like I am being 97) Hand-me-downs 98) Slightly burnt coffee 99) Lilacs and their aroma 100) The ease of finding just about anything you want to know on the internet 101) Hulu tv 102) Special cards in the mail 103) Mail delivered to my home 104) Sun dresses 105) Big warm sweaters

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