Thanksgiving Thursday, Hard Eucharisteo

Liesl: “What do you do when you…love someone? I mean, when you stop loving someone…or he stops loving you?”

Maria: “Well, you cry a little. Then you wait for the sun to come out. It always does.” The Sound of Music


This week I have offered up hard Eucharisteo and the sacrifice of praise. But life’s like that sometimes. Sometimes Unexpected Heroes fall hard, relationships are not what they seemed, and it’s time to let go.



…We lament visceral pain, …but praise God that there is a doctor in the House! And He knows your name and He holds the stars and His girds underneath and He never lets go and He is Joy and He is Light and He is the warrior who defeats the dark.

…Joy is dangerous – it’s igniting and contagious and otherworldy and it wins demon wars. And it’s mere ploy to say joy is Pollyanna – because joy is revolutionary: it goes straight against the way this dark world spins.” Ann Voskamp


My Thanksgiving List 10/11/12

371. Electric Throws

370. My precious and dearly loved little family

377. Spiked caramel apple cider

381. My sweet husband that makes me biscuits & gravy when I’m sick (as well as caring for Peanut and listening to me whine and keeping the house fairly straight and…)

386. That my God redeems the darkest moments with His wondrous grace and love

382. Soft Kleenex

383. Dumb movies on a sick day

387. Brilliant gold shouting out the glory of God!

390. That our tiny Peanut easily overcame the cold that was spreading hard

388. Peace that transcends understanding, that garrisons hearts, and mounts guard over minds through Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:7)

389. Selling items on Craigslist that I thought would never sell!

227. My sweet, sweet girl

Please tell me, what gifts have you unwrapped this week?

3 comments on “Thanksgiving Thursday, Hard Eucharisteo

  1. Jamie Tamez says:

    My gifts–my sweet, sweet girl; friends in need–friends indeed!
    The Indwelling One; wood stacked for the winter; tilapia : )
    my Romney-Ryan sign in the front yard; the son-in-law who never fails to step up to the plate with gentle-giant grace.

  2. jody says:

    1) I could bless a friend in need 2) Rainy days 3) Friends who do book studies with me 4)Salt & Pepper 5) The many colors of Mums in the fall 6)The blanket of Snow on PP 7)Coffee maker w a timer 8) kittens 9) me giving someone the gift of touch 10) the quiet moments throughout the day that I feel peaceful 11) Special notes & phone calls from unexpected friends 12) Random people waving happily at me for no reason 13) The smell of clean laundry 14) The sparkle of shiny leaves as they glisten in the sunlight 15) Lunch with mom 16)Not having to fill the humming bird feeders for a little while 17) A couple more little tomatoes from my neglected tomato plant 18) Mom safely home from KS 19) Costcos Chicken pot pie 20) Being to once again ware my flip flops w out pain 21) Cemeteries 22) Days to myself 23)Wal-Mart on a non-busy afternoon 24) 2 of my X-s randomly encouraging mew sweet text messages 25)Chipmunk making their noises in nearby trees 26)The warmth of the morning sun heating the earth & me 27)The smell of fresh cut wood 28)Shadows 29)The American flag and what it use to stand for 30)Hot water 31) My massage face cradles being interchangeable 32) Mylea’s excited smile when she see’s me 33)The love in the eyes of a man who is truly in love 34)The smell of fall 35)Powered wood splitters 36)Frost hugged trees 37)A pantry full of food 38)My beautiful home 39)Mechanical pencils 40) A TV in my bedroom 41)Being able to print photos at home 42) Cell Phones 42) My Washer and Dryer 43) Sunscreen 44) Sunglasses 45) Wine 46) Spending time w Zane 47) Sunny days 48) A great bro-in-law 49) My to-do-list shrinking 50) Easy pharmacy pickups 51) The first dip in my clean hot tub 52) Colorado’s blue sky 53) Indian summers 54) My dad’s new meds 55) Seltzer H2O 56) A turn of a button heat 57) Make up 58) Cozy clothes 59) Avocados 60)Tomato Basil string cheese

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