Thanksgiving Thursday

Hunger is a strange condition. When hunger is satisfied, it always seems to return later in even greater strength. This is especially true of hunger for God’s presence – the one true addiction of the human soul and the only vital life source he created us to crave.” Tommy Tenney, Prayers of a God Chaser.


I have become hungry, weary of only hearing about revival, desperate to encounter the Reviver, thirsty for more of the manifest presence of God. My heart cries out for more of him and my soul longs for sweet communion with the lover of my soul.


When my greatest desire is him, will he not give me the desire of my heart?


My greatest desire became my week’s greatest treasure found, my greatest joy unwrapped, my greatest gift given.


194. The reward of the Father: more of his presence, more attention, more grace, more with-ness…MORE – more of him! “Thank you, God for…the gift of yourself that you keep giving…for the wild wonder of you in this moment.”*


My longing has been met, my hunger satisfied, my thirst quenched. I am no longer weary, but I am still hungry; wholly, completely addicted to one rich, matchless blessing of beauty: the very presence of the Reviver, the Giver of all gifts, the Gift.


Communion with God, what was broken in the Garden, this is wholly restored when I want the God-communion more than I want the world-consumption.”*



My Thanksgiving List, 9/20/12


193. Being undone in the presence in the Almighty


184. A haircut that turns out well


192. Oxy-Clean for a stain-prone family


80. Classic Rock Power on Pandora


186. Cold Stone’s Like It Strawberry Blonde


198. Playing cards on the front porch


200. My wonderful, beautiful, glorious, matchless-in-every-way God


187. Getting it at Ross


185. An evening out with a girlfriend


141. Being my daughter’s mama


207. Sharing a hike I love with my mama



208. Fish tacos and a big margarita after hiking the Incline


209. Taking a nap during Peanut’s nap time…after hiking the Incline! (Special treat! I work from home, so I NEVER nap while she does.)




Please tell me, what gifts have you unwrapped this week?







*One Thousand Gifts, pg. 217

*One Thousand Gifts, pg 220

One comment on “Thanksgiving Thursday

  1. Jamie Tamez says:

    Three generations “hiking” the Incline together, and all surviving; : ) watching God’s answers to prayer unfold in His time; being granted a heart-desire; time spent with my spiritual soul-mate; a book given away and a book loaned; my Father’s love. Oh, Jodi, the depth of your walk with the Lord thrills my soul—an every day gift I love unwrapping and rejoicing in. Mama

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