Thanksgiving Thursday, 2% Small Curd Bucket of Grace

When I began keeping a Thanksgiving journal, it was important to me to not just fill a journal, but to see God’s love in all I filled it with. Again, when I began sharing Thanksgiving Thursday’s, I wanted to always remember that all is grace, not just words to fill a blog post.

I had this on my mind the other evening as I was writing a few abstract thoughts down in my Pages of Motherhood journal. I was sitting on the couch, one leg curled underneath me, my favorite pen in hand, and a glass of Chardonnay gently tucked under a fold of the couch to hold it in place.

Then I heard it. A wonderfully familiar sound. I reached for my Thankfulness journal and scribbled # 150, The sound of the cottage cheese bucket being opened.

I smiled. Yes, all is grace. Not just words to fill pages or blogs, but sweet grace, daily blessings. My husband sat down next to me and handed me our usual late night snack: 2% small curd cottage cheese.

It’s odd how one bucket of cottage cheese can differ from another of the same milk fat and curd size, but the best ones have just that right amount of creaminess and just the right texture and flavor. This particular one, the one that became #150, was perfect. All. Is. Grace.

My Thanksgiving List 9/6/12

108. Neck rubs 

124. Funnel cakes 

125. An evening with good friends

138. Half-priced Crave Real Burgers!

                                              (Photo Credit)

126. Surprising my husband with Broncos/Raiders tickets! 

131. Ordering and receiving old, well-loved TV shows on DVD

                                            (Photo Credit

133. Using Pinterest recipes 

136. Breakfast of cinnamon raisin french toast, made by my husband, while Peanut is still asleep, and I write  

137. The last of our new windows installed 

142. That my husband brings me coffee when I work in the church nursery 

147. Being spared from a black widow bite even though I blindly reached into her space and drug her out 

152. Finding the missing DVD remote! 

150. The sound of the cottage cheese bucket being opened 

Please tell me, what blessings have you received this week?

3 comments on “Thanksgiving Thursday, 2% Small Curd Bucket of Grace

  1. layinghands1 says:

    my thanksgiving for this week 9/3/12
    *My GPA still holding onto life
    *The life of my mom aunt & I being spared while “Dukes of Hazarding” ourselves through a Kansas Field
    *Soaking in my hot tub on cool mornings
    * The beginnings of Fall
    * Seltzer water. Yummy
    * Special times of drinking wine & visiting w family I don’t often see

  2. Dukes of Hazarding through a Kansas field?! I’m thankful you were spared too!! (Even though it actually kinda sounds fun 😉 )

    Ahhhhh, and soaking in that hot tub on cool mornings…yes, you are so very blessed!


  3. Jamie Tamez says:

    Giving thanks for finally getting to see a blue jay after hearing him squawk all week;
    having godly friends who faithfully pray for me and give wise advice,
    Jodi being at the top of that list;
    Autumn being in the air;
    our neighbor’s peach tree bearing bountifully;
    downed aspen from friends’ property for our wood stove this winter;
    Thank you, Jodianna, for your blogs–each one shines! Mama

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