Pages of Motherhood: Bounce ‘N Spin Froggy, True Love and an MLT

In all divisions of life, I am dedicated to living each day intentionally. As a parent, I am dedicated to gleaning wisdom and gaining knowledge from intentionally living these days of mothering my precious peanut. This dedication has led me to hand-write the moments of my mother-journey. They are my own reflections, memories, ideas, thoughts, prayers,musings, embarrassments, observances, amusements and ponderings. These “pages of motherhood” are for me, they are not for the public, at least not most of them. There are some, however, that I want to share with you. Sometimes I need fresh eyes and wiser perspectives. Sometimes I want to share my raw frustrations, a newly uncovered nugget of wisdom, or the sparkling gem of laughter. Following below is one moment from my pages of motherhood:

True love is the greatest thing in the world. Except for a nice MLT: a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe. They’re so perky, I love that.” ~ Miracle Max, The Princess Bride.

For my 33rd birthday last week my parents gifted me with money and instructed me to buy something for myself. That is tough for me these days since almost any cash that comes through my fingers is automatically spent on my daughter. The money-tree life of a parent – sigh. Besides, if I did use money to pamper myself, I would buy one thing: Time. Or a massage. Thankfully, though, my sweet husband knew that and gave me a certificate for an hour-long massage! =)

Fondling my perfectly straight greenbacks and contemplating how to spend these precious dollars, I watched Shelby as she sat happily batting at fuzzy rattling dice on a bulky, gigantic pink “jumparoo” play station.

Our home is tiny, not quite 1,000 square feet. I learned early on that to have a fairly organized and mess-free home, I must be space conscious and fill it with perfectly sized treasures. I endeavor to keep toys, bouncers, swings and socks from intruding into our living space, or at the very least keep them to an unobtrusive minimum (although bibs, bottles and shop towels are a lost cause). This massive bouncing blob of baby paraphernalia, however, was not helping my quest to make our small home feel “unsquished”.

I giggled at my daughter’s goofy grin but crinkled my nose at the monstrosity in my living room. Then again, when you find something – anything – that your 5-month-old is willing to sit in for more than five minutes, you take it with open arms and provide it with a loving home. It gives a busy mama precious time.

Time! I really could buy myself time…and bring unsquishyness, er, organization, back to our home. I promptly and excitedly drug my weary husband and sleepy child through Wal-Mart until I found the perfect thing: the Fisher-Price Space Saver Bounce ‘N Spin Froggy. Light and compact with sanity-saving volume control and musical spinning eyes, my daughter can bounce, bat, jump and play to her heart’s content, my home is clutter-free, and I have time! Some might say the Bounce ‘n Spin Froggy is “all that and a bag of chips.” I say it’s true love…and an MLT!

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