A Bundle of Change


Ah, the changes of life. I am sitting on my front porch with my lap top computer busily working on a fitness blog. Well, I was until I started writing this. =) My bare feet are propped up on a weathered wooden table with chipped red paint (it’s called shabby chic right?), and the breeze is lazily blowing white fluffy clouds that resemble dragons, buffalo and Care Bears eastward as the sun casts shadows from the gigantic old elm tree that is dying slowly by the side of my house.

This is my life. I work from home, so I sit out here often, morning and evening, watching the leaves bounce with the breeze, the ice cream truck drive in a molasses like manner down the street playing a catchy tune I would rather forget, and my neighbor walking her small dog down the street in a baby carriage.

But there is something very different about my front porch time these days. I am no longer alone. There is a small, fuzzy-headed creature that hangs out with me, sometimes in a baby swing that plays tunes not unlike the ice cream truck, sometimes in one of the most creative and unique bouncers I’ve yet to see, and sometimes snuggled up to my chest in a sling or front pack carrier.

My daughter’s arrival into my world has been fun, challenging, joyful, messy, and downright wild and wacky. Many things have not changed all that much. My daughter has become my little add-on while going to church, hiking, shopping, wheeling, traveling, sitting on the front porch, working, and having lunch with friends. I still work out and straighten my house, get dressed and put on makeup. My husband and I still sit out until the wee hours – ok, well, until 11pm or so – drinking wine on the porch talking about our day after she is in bed.

But many things have changed significantly: not one place I go with her is without an extra 5 – 10 (and possibly more!) minutes to get there and twice as much stuff to take. I am awake at 3am most mornings, and can now get up and stay up at 6am, even though my husband will most often take her until seven. We walk softer on our creaky wooden floors, talk a lot about poop, and, as mentioned earlier, come in from our front porch time at 11pm instead of 1am. We come home from dinner with friends earlier than before, put our DVD player on a softer sound mode, don’t slam the back door, take more pictures than we thought humanly possible, are never found more than 2 feet from a shop towel (AKA, a burp cloth), know words like Bumbo, Boppy, and Snoogle, and compare schedules to see which of us can take her when a massage, bubble bath, or evening work is needed.

And, I don’t blog much for myself anymore.  Between my job and an ever growing and aware baby, writing for pleasure has become something I only reminisce about. Until now.

I recently read a blog post written by a friend, a fellow professional, work-from-home blogger and new mom that wrote a simple piece on her favorite things: baby items that she loved. Simple, short, perfect. My heart ached to write my own blog again.

And so, dear friends, my heart and soul, sweat-out, bled-out blog posts need to, at this time in my life, become short and simple, but always real. I don’t have time to proof-read them, I don’t have time to check grammar or punctuation. But then again, this isn’t for work, this is for me; I want to share my heart with you. I need to write.

I want to tell you about my baby’s birth story, how my sweet Friend and Lord showed me His righteous right hand holding, protecting and providing for me and my tiny love. I want to tell you how my perfect, sweet child can be a royal pain in my proverbial patootie. I want to share what I find that works for us, how and where I struggle, what makes me laugh, what God shows me, and the general fun, challenging, joyful, messy, and downright wild and wacky world I have been living in since my daughter’s arrival in it…and I want to hear from you! Come enjoy the fun, and tell me all about your journey too. Join me won’t you?

4 comments on “A Bundle of Change

  1. Kathy Unseth says:

    As usual…so enjoyable and I keep thinking you can’t outdo that one and then you do! At some point you should write a novel! But for sure keep writing this blog!

  2. YES! I’ll join you! So happy for you and your new addition 😉 I feel the need to say I LOVE the whole “adding the baby to what you already do” vibe you are giving off here. It’s vital to your marriage and your unique personality to have her simply “join” the family, not run it! Good job, keep it up, can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Pamela says:

    write, wRiTe, WRITE!!!! YAY<3

  4. Jan Verhoeff says:

    Spirited, insightful, contemporary and motherly… the words sing out the love of ages long past, of womanhood and of the love a woman shares with her child.

    A life well lived will be written in the winds of time.

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