A Tribute to Mama

I posted a blog not long ago regarding the forging and developing process of becoming soul mates. I am so very blessed to have my beloved husband as my soul’s true mate, but I have been given yet another extraordinarily special gift. I have not just one soul mate in my life, but two! My mother is truly my soul mate.

From childhood, I have stood in awe of my mother. Efficient, wise, kind, and strong, she is the classiest of women. As a child I adored her, as an adult, I still do, and now I also enjoy her as an equal, truly know her, cry with her, laugh with her, and share most everything with her. She is my confidant, prayer partner, and my best girlfriend.

Immediately after I married, my parents showed grace, wisdom, and an uncanny ability to grant complete release from all parental authority. This allowed for the freedom to bond and form a friendship with them. There have been many times that I know this was not easy for them, but of the many gifts my parents gave me, this is among the most precious.

My mother is always available to give advice when asked, but also allows me to make my own mistakes, and loves me rather than telling me I should have known better. She and I have a lot in common, yet we are very different in a lot of ways. She has always encouraged me to be the person that I was created to be, even when that came out in the form of my rather fiery personality. Although, that little blonde has a bit of fire in her as well!

My mother instilled in me a deep love for God and His Word. The first Bible I ever read cover to cover was a small, burgundy, leather King James Version that she bought for me on Mother’s Day, 1987. We both own several versions of the Bible, enjoy commentaries, love theological research and debate, and daily discuss doctrinal theories, thoughts, and beliefs. Knowledge of our Lord and Savior is our favorite topic above all else!

My mother believed that if you choose to have children, then you are responsible for raising them, not shipping them off to daycare for someone else to raise. She was a stay-at-home mom, preacher’s wife, church pianist, adult Sunday school teacher, and children’s church teacher, as well as home-schooling my brother and me, all while keeping a tidy home, making fabulous home-made meals, and regularly visiting church attendees!  Yes, my mom is Super Woman! My entire childhood was a time of bonding  with my mom.

My mother spent time with me during my teen years, even as I was busy experiencing other things. She would climb onto my bed in the morning, and sing silly songs until I got up! We tried to do tummy crunches and leg raises together every morning, but more often that not, we ended up just eating cereal! We enjoyed grocery shopping together every week and held hands as we walked through the stores, which got several stares! My first car was a ’79 Nissan 280 ZX that my dad bought me, and I bought a ’87 Mustang GT 5.0 convertible a year and a half later, and since I had the cool cars, I always got to drive!  I have fond memories of her and I driving around in the summer with the Mustang’s top down, and also pushing it out of snow drifts, breaking a heel off of her high heel boots in the process! :/

My mother and I created my marriage ceremony together, and that is one of the most treasured memories I have. We sat for countless hours pouring over quotes and poems, and choosing perfect promises and sweet nothings to be said on my wedding day. We wept, we laughed, and she wisely used that time to instruct me, pray with me, encourage me, and talk with me about my hopes and dreams for my future.

My mother instructed me well about marriage, commitment, and how to maintain a happy, healthy sex life, for which my husband is eternally grateful! 😉 Many mothers subconsciously bring their daughters up in a way that demeans the sexual relationship between a man and his wife. If you are a mother, I encourage you to be careful in this area. I am so very thankful that my mother, in word and deed, showed me that the marriage bed is a wondrous thing when enjoyed as God intended. She openly and lovingly guided me in the beauty of this relationship, and I learned from her that, within a loving marriage, sex rocks! (Thanks Jamie! Love, Skot)

My mother has been my truest friend through many, many times of happiness and heartache, and everything in between. We have together come through the death of my father, enjoyed sharing in the new relationship with the man I now call my papa, endured long separations, taken fabulous vacations together, held each other through the death of my brother, prayed fervently for one another, cried over the early loss of my pregnancy, withstood fiery trials within our own relationship, cooked together, cleaned together, shopped together, learned from each other, have seen each other through times of personal sadness, and shared in each others joys and blessings. We go together like peas and carrots!

My mother is a continuing source of strength, beauty, and delight in my life. “As is the mother, so is her daughter”, Ezekiel 16:44 says, and this gives me great hope, for my mom is my life’s hero and my soul’s forged mate. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama, I love you!

Treasured memories of my mama and me!

6 comments on “A Tribute to Mama

  1. Cindy Kearney says:

    Jodi, this was absolutely beautiful! What a tribute to your mother. You are a lucky girl!!

  2. Skot says:

    As long as i have known you I’ve been in awe of the relationship you have with your mama!! What a fitting tribute!!!

  3. Jan Verhoeff says:

    What an awesome tribute to a fully and wholly deserving woman! God’s blessings to you both!

  4. Hosanna says:

    You have risen and called your mother blessed. No higher compliment could be paid her. I pray my children love me this much as adults. Thanks for sharing. Hosanna

  5. Danielle Story says:

    Beautiful. I echo Hosanna’s thought, this kind of relationship with my adult daughter, is all a mother can hope for. What a blessing!
    LOVE the clip show!

  6. Amber says:

    I love your momma too. Big kisses to her!

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