Corner Cleanin’

Spring has sprung at our little house in the form of the annual cleaning that warm weather and natures new birth inspires.  I began this task with energy and enthusiasm, determining to show closets, yards, corners, desk drawers, and sheds no mercy.  Our bedroom closet took an entire day, but I was confident that the rest of the house wouldn’t take nearly as long.  As a work-from-home wife, I, of course, keep our home quite tidy! 😉 I soon began to realize however, that our tiny 1000 square foot house is not much more than just a storage box for “I’ll use that someday’s”, “I’ll fix it when I get ’round to it’s”, things being stored to sell, and precious mementos.  I have satisfactorily finished several get-tough-on-clutter projects so far, but I have a lot farther to go.

 As I clean my way through our little nest bit by bit, I have started thinking about life’s little storage boxes, corners, nooks, and cranny’s.  What about the shelf that holds a dusty friendship, the corner where we tucked “someday”, the closet bursting with “round-to-it’s”, the shed where we shoved unresolved pain or resentment, or even the drawer where we hide destructive secret sin.  When was the last time we prayed as David did,  “Search me, O God, and know my heart.  Try me and know my thoughts, see if there is any wicked, offensive, rebellious, or grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting”?  Have cobwebs so taken over our hearts corners that we can no longer even see what is in there?

 As I was emptying out our bedroom closet that first day of spring cleaning, I discovered something unsightly and disconcerting.  I found mildew on the walls!  How long, I wondered, had it been there?  Where is the moisture coming from?  How do I get rid of it?  Then I began to wonder where mold might be clinging to the walls of my heart.  I began to pray, “O God, search me!  See if there is mold anywhere in me! Show me so that I can walk uprightly before You.” 

 But be ready when asking God to search you and bring to light anything that grieves Him, because that is exactly what He will do!   He  laid His finger on a part of my life and said “This”.

 Many years ago I entered a high school writing contest, and won first place!  But that was the only time before beginning Philosophies of Strawberry Short Cake that I ventured to put my hearts words on “paper”.  I have since fallen in love with writing, and along with posting this blog, I am excitedly developing a book!  I have always loved digging deep into studying the Bible and hearing the Lord speak, and as Christ followers, we are to be saturated with His Word!   Since the majority of my writing is about the One for Whom I live my life, I am daily immersed in hours of researching ABOUT Him.  Yet somehow I had missed the fact that I was spending less and less quality time alone WITH Him.   And that is precisely where the Holy Spirit laid His finger.  “This”.  

As I looked back on the last couple of months, I could only recall a spattering of times that I sat down with my personal Bible (not just those that I use for study and research), a pen, and my accent dry pencil, and asked my Father to meet me face to face.  And so I did.  I sat down at the feet of Jesus, looked full into His beautiful Face, and the things of earth grew strangely dim!  And then I did the same the next day, and the next, and the next.  As I sit with Him each morning, I become more and more aware of the corners and shelves of my life that need dusted or emptied.  And as I stay attached to the Vine through time in the Word and sweet communion, I gain the strength needed to sweep out those places.  

 Rabbit Trail Side Note: during my “face time” this morning, He turned the development of my book upside down and showed me how He wants it written! Yay! 🙂

As I complete each spring cleaning project, I just love how everything sparkles!  I walk around my home and just feel cleaner myself!  Where in your life can see that mildew or thick layers of dust need to be removed?  Is God speaking to your heart, pointing to “This”?  Don’t fear Him.  Invite Him to make you sparkle!

One comment on “Corner Cleanin’

  1. I love it!! This is so applicable to every one of us.
    Don’t you love how Christ is never surprised by what we find on our shelves or in our closets? Most often, He has just been waiting for us to be ready to see it.

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